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Terms and Conditions :

The cases are to be submitted in the quantity specified per month in accordance with the subscription taken  . Cases not submitted within the month can not be carried over to the next month or subsequent months. If not submitted then the case can be submitted at an extra price to be advised


  • Any cases submitted and any queries will be endeavored to be replied to within 14 days. 

  • The subscription is for a 12 month period from signing up and can not be terminated earlier . If terminated earlier and payment ceases then the outstanding amount due will be invoiced and is liable for full payment until period end . 

  • The Doctor / Clinician asking for advise is Totally and ultimately liable and responsible for the treatment of their patients . The advise given by Aligner Solutions Mentoring (ASM)and its associates and affiliates is for advise purposes only and the Doctors/clinicians indemnifies ASM for any responsibility for treatments carried out by the respective Clinicians in any form .


We the clinician seeking for advise from ASM ,  agree that we indemnify Aligner Solutions Mentoring (ASM)and its associates and advisors and affiliates from any responsibility of treatments carried out by ourselves. We agree that ASM is facilitated in an advisory role only 

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