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Aligner Solutions Mentoring
Specialist Orthodontic Advice
Aligners and Fixed Braces

Dr. Sonil Kalia eases the process of diagnosing and strategizing for your aligner treatments. At each stage, we provide support and guidance, ensuring you achieve outstanding outcomes.

Aligner Specialist Advice

We provide support to Dentists who utilise ALL aligner systems

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28 years aligner treatment experience
Assurance in each phase

Our aim is to assist dentists and specialists like yourself in achieving exceptional results. By partnering with us, you'll be equipped to handle more complex cases, enhance your skills, and develop your practice further.

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Individual Advise or Subscription

You can choose what suits you best and receive excellent specialist advise

Dr Kalia can advice you on unique Specialist Orthodontic advise for example aspects of the following:

Advise on :


Treatment planning

Cases suitable for Aligners 

Looking at Clinchecks or similar from any company 

Modifying Clinchecks or similar with Doctor

Advising on any Aspects of Orthodontics 

Advising on any treatment progress queries

Advising on any problem solving

Advising on the Aligner Journey:

1st Examination of the patient and suitability

Records required and analysis 

Diagnoses and Treatment planning

Portal uploads 

Analysing the Treatment plan / clinic checks etc with the Doctor

Understanding aspects of treatment and Phases 

Retention protocols for success

Treatment start + progress:

 1st appointment 

 Fitting of Attachments 

 IPR - when + how

 Case progress 

 What to look for a successful treatment 


What our clients say about us

I am pleased that Dr Kalia ( Sonil) can pass over his vast experience in Orthodontics and Aligner treatments and guidance . He is very knowledgeable theoretically and clinically , he has the most experience in Aligner treatment and has lectured and published on the subject around the world , he has helped me in my clinical practice as well . He is very approachable and understands not only orthodontics but the business side of Practice as well , having owned many successful practices in UK and Europe in his time . Anyone starting on the orthodontic journey be it small or large would be well advised to have this service and guidance at hand , which is rare to find and no question or treatment is too small . 


Dr G (Specialist Orthodontist)

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